Everyone's getting engaged!

It's the time of my life where all my friends are getting engaged. It's driving me insane. There is a part of me that really wants to take that next step but I also really want to be financially stable and at least own property. Any suggestions on how to cope during all this. My boyfriend is so focused on finishing uni (end of 2012) but I keep getting the "oh you guys are so going to end up together" and "hasn't he put a ring on it yet?"

Has anyone else experienced the same situation?


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  • i understand the feeling completely and I'm a guy. I've reached a point in my life where everyones life is differetn and has different circunstances. if you constantly compare your life to others, you'll drive yourself crazy. just keep doing your own thing and foillow your passion and if your man loves you like mad hell ask you to marry him. if not you'll find the right guy trust me. plus what if you were to rush into marring your boyfriend, and things fell apart shortly after and you realized you two were wrong for each other. then you gotta get divorced. your so young your in the uni and are already freaking out about marriage...its almost comical to me. relax and if after the uni your boyfriend don't ask you to marry him tell him you wanna get married if not your looking eslewhere...au revoir

    • lol thanks. Not exactly young though. Mid twenties (25) :p

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