GAGers: How was your wedding day? or how do you plan it to be?

if you got married, tell me about your wedding day...the party, location and other details.

If you still planing it, tell me what you plan for.

Thanks for everyone for sharing their opinions and stories, and please accept my congratulations in advance for those who yet to get married. :)


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  • It would be one of the most nontraditional weddings.

    1) the ceremony would just be for my family and really really close friends and it would be outside, no holy vows or anything. We would exchange our own vows and all religion would be taken out of it

    2) I would not wear white, as white looks horrible on me. I would choose a shorter dress maybe in a yellow or deep plumb color

    3) I would have a gigantic party with an open bar and lots of food.

    It really just needs to be about me and my guy (when I have one) and about celebrating. Not making it a religious deal.

    • I like and adore your style in wedding ceremony.

      I also admire your articles :) you have a golden a good luck please accept my congratulations in advance on your upcoming wedding.


      W H

    • Lol I'm not getting married anytime soon, it says I'm engaged but I do that so I get hit on less here haha. Thank you though :). Very nice of you!

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  • I want to get married in the fall. Small wedding, (thats what me and him both want) not a big party girl, so reception probably won't be a big deal either. I really don't want a big fuss over it, just simple and small. But I want it to be what my handsome wants too. So we will have to decide when that day finally comes. It's just as much his day as it is mine!

  • I want to get married outdoors in May. Somewhere in Newport. If I can afford it, I'd like the have the ceremony here: link And I'd like to take pictures and have the reception here: link


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  • Simple:

    It was a sunny December day (rare over here!), a drink for everyone at the house of my parents in law, then to the town hall; we started first in our VW Beetle, my father in law behind and the family and best men after him : of course he lost his way as usual, thus so did those who followed. We had to wait for the party to arrive at town hall (where my wife's pupils were waiting too) :D

    After the mayor declared us married the complete party went to a restaurant 50 mi away.

    After the coffee we got home, next day we left for Paris and Boulogne sur mer (in France) -just a few days because my wife had to be back in front of her classes asap.

    We never regretted it.

  • It was a great day Friday June 30, 1995...My wife got off of the graveyard and met me at the Courthouse at 8AM...I brought an employee along as a witness and the JP married us in a 5-minute ceremony...after which, she went home and went to bed and I went to work for a few hours...after a few hours sleep, she got up & called me, I cut the afternoon short and we took off for the Missouri River and got our limit of walleyes both days...a man can't love a woman more than that? We had a party for friends a couple of months later on Labor Day Weekend and then went to Cancun for a belated hooneymoon...

  • I'm getting married in December.

    The plan is to just go to the courthouse, my fiance and I don't want a wedding :)

  • Hi there! My congrats to you!

    I'm already married. It was in May. We are really love this month! =)
    My wife found a very interesting site with huge number os tips, ideas and more usefull things. It's called
    We had a small and cozy wedding with guest list about 20 - 25 close friends.
    I liked it, I felt very comfortable.

    We had some cocktail party near pool. =) All guests really enjoyed it.
    The next day we went on a honeymoon trip.