If he can't brag about you in front of his friends, he won't marry you?

Is it true? At least that's what a guy friend of mine said, but guys is it really that important what your friends think?

He also said something like "You already got the looks, you only need to be more naughty in the bedroom"

When I asked how he would know, what we were doing in the bedroom, he said my boyfriend didn't say anything so he assumed sex was bad

Is that what guys talk about and if one of your friends doesn't brag about it,you automatically assume sex is bad?


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  • If the sex is bad with my girlfriend, I won't say anything to my friends about it. It's NOT their business anyway, and I refuse to be a loudmouth/gossip king.

    If the sex is good, I still won't say anything to my friends. But they will know what's up when I have a sh*t-eating grin on my face, and I'm walking around like I'm worth a million bucks.

    Good sex will attach us to the girl. Bad sex will make us more distant. If I care about her, I won't let her go so quickly. I'll try to work with her on it and hope things get better. But if they don't, I'm out the door.


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  • 1) What his friends think doesn't matter, its that him bragging is an indicator of how he feels about you.

    2) maybe in their circle of friends. Or maybe it was just a guess.

  • hes a douche bag


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  • I know I'm not a guy, but I do have a little bit of personal experience with this. I think that some guys talk a lot about their girl if they think a lot about them or care a lot about them. Before I even met my boyfriend's best friend, he met my mom (they all ran into each other at a store) and when my boyfriend was checking out at the register, his friend was talking to my mom. He said that I was "that girl that makes (my boyfriend) happy." I don't think all guys do this, necessarily, but there are definitely guys out there that talk about their girls a lot if they care about them. Your guy may just not be that way and your friend may not realize it.