My boyfriend is amazing. Beyond amazing.! He is just perfect all around he wants to get married in our future?

My boyfriend and I have been dating 3 months had a thing since may 2011 and have known each other since 2002. My age isn't relevant but I'm still in high school. I've never felt this way about anyone before. I'm in love and it's plain and simple. It's obvious he feels the same because he tells me everyday he's in love. We've never had sex so I know that's not why he is saying this he wants to get married and live together right out of high school. He is a straight a star quarterback that most girls drool over . I'm cheer captain and a model. We live 200 miles apart and barely see each other but when we do we make the most of it. My mom doesn't like him for reasons she won't tell me and she has never met him. Both his parents like me and understand he is in love. He was supposed to come see me today but my mom said no he can't stay the night at our house and his parents don't think it's safe for him to drive 200 miles by himself. So they would have to drive him here and back. Now they said yes but my mom said I can only see him for a day and his parents don't want to drive here and bak if he can hardly see me. I usually go to where he lives infect he has never been to where I live but now my mom doesn't allow me to go down there because of my dad. My boyfriend insists as soon as we graduate we are going to live together by our colleges and he is going to become an engineer and I'm going to be a vet and then we will move to the country and have a farm. He Has this all planned out and knows he wants to spend the rest of his life with me. Most people think oh you're in high school you don't know what you want but we do. Does anyone think we are too young and it won't work. Or have any commentary about anything I talked about whatsoever? - thanks


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  • Did you two meet online?

    • No I've known him since I was really little. We went to school together