Does he want to marry me?

So my boyfriend suddenly out of no where talks about how his marriage would be .. he says things such as : " I would have two kids and be a perfect father and teach him this and that.. and let the mother spend time with the girl and teach her art..(I study art)) and then he says -" who ever the mother might be :P " ... then when we are together with his friends they say things like -" when you guys get married..." Why does someone linked to him always start a subject about marriage ? O.o oh by the way we dated for 3 weeks and a few days more. but we have been talking for 4 months


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  • Hmm, that's a hard one..

    I would take it more as things are getting more serious between you two - or he wants them too.

    Honestly if a boyfriend started talking about marriage and kids only after 3 weeks or so of dating it would scare me a bit, it could also be a sign of immaturity maybe he doesn't understand fully what marriage and kids really means.. or even really know what he would be getting into. Big responsibility for sure and a big move for a relationship. I like things to move slowly when dating someone, going to fast can ruin things and plus you don't want to be jumping into anything is anyone you don't fully know.

    I probably got off topic; it seems like he really thinks your the one, and one day does want to marry you.

    anyways, hope it works out for you. (:

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    • Well, he seems like a sweet guy. That explains a lot especially if he's had no previous dating experience.. it's still a good idea to take things slowly. anyways have a great weekend (:

    • thank you :) you too :))

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  • Eh...don't get to flattered but at the sametime I would assumingly say so.


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  • First off, the ":O" in your title made me want to answer your question! Hehehe =D

    I think he feels comfortable with you for sure, but to actually marry. I don't know he could have said it for multiple reasons. I wouldn't look int it though. =)