PROPOSED Arranged Marriage!

BACK STORY: My boyfriend is older than me by 6 years and his family and my family grew up together and when my mom had me his family was at my birth and so was he, we grew up together and well I've always had the hugest crush on him! One day I finally asked him out, he said no, so I kept asking until he said YES! We have been together almost a year now!

My parents and his are extremely wealthy, but my boyfriend broke away from that he didn't like how it made people act, anyway my parents like his business mind, (he's a doctor now).

My parents and his want us to get married, my family owns a law firm and some other stuff and his family does something with military aircrafts? Not sure what exactly all I know or am allowed to know is they work on the aircraft? Or something on the technical side like the codes and stuff! Anyway my parents strongly urge me to MARRY him which HELL YEAH if he'd ever say yes in a freaking heartbeat!

but he's been divorced and has said that because of his experience with the last marriage he never wants to get married EVER again! 0.o

Which does put a damper on my plans.

Any way I can change his mind? any ideas?


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  • Show him that you are betta then that other b***h he divorced. Show that you are THE ONE.

    Make him in love like his 1st love all otter again :)???

    But mostly just be YOURSELF !

    • yeah do that.. but don't be too cliingy (sounds like you're really into him). and dont' mention getting engaged. infact say the opposite of it..

    • do you believe that crap? 'yea' implies you agree. then you tell her to lie. what you agreed with was to be herself. then you tell her not to. grow up.