What does this mean? Why would she do that?

okay my brothers fiancee can't have sex with him until she gets out of high school. I know this is a young age to be engaged but that is not the point.

he used to have sex all the time before he got with her, and all of these things, and she knows how he used to be. a couple of days ago she told him to go have sex with another girl, and that she would take him back no matter what with open arms. even though it would be hurting her, she doesn't want him to suffer because of a promise she had made. He didn't agree to this, and she told him to do that it gave her TERRIBLE sharp heart

pains, and if he had agreed to it she would of probably stopped breathing and passed out.

What does this mean? Why would she do that? Any ideas or opinions about this?


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  • She probably said that just so it wouldn't be as bad as if he went out and had sex with some girl behind her back.. I really doubt she actually would want him to do that..


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