My wife hasn't talk to me

So my wife (of 3 weeks) randomly just ask me what I thinking about. As a joke I said "you and several other women". I got her all upset after that (she made me sleep in couch that night) but in my defence she wanted more honesty in our marriage. She hasn't really talk to me for a bit (a day or so). I don't really see what the big deal is. Will she get over it?


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  • She will get over it. But you need to make sure she knows you were kidding. Saying "I was just kidding" doesn't quite work for this one. You need to tell her sorry, that you want her and only her, and tell her you love her. That was mean of you to say. Guys think that stuff is funny but to girls it is just offensive, even if it is a joke, because we don't think that's something to joke about. It wasn't like a "divorce" mistake though so don't stress too much. Go buy her some flowers and give a REALLY nice apology. Good luck ;)


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