Do you think he will marry me?

What do you think the signs are that a guy will mary you? If you are living together and have been together over two years and your guy talks about marriage but every time you ask when it's going to happen they say one day, could this be stalling? He asked me what I wanted for my birthday. When I said a ring he said besides that. I asked my man what he was waiting for and he told me not to worry about it.


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  • don't push him into a corner with this talk of marriage because when people are corned, they tend to lash out and you won't like the result. I don't know if he's going to marry you, I don't know if he wants to marry you or if he's even considering that for the future. What I do know is that he's with you, you've been living together for 2 years. You clearly love each other, you have compatibility and common interests and haven't outgrown one another. So yeah, I think if your relationship continues down the path it has been, he could very well ask you to marry him. But like I said before, don't push him too far on this issue. You already made your stance of it perfectly clear. Give him some breathing room


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  • Wow. Snap! my boyfriend does the same.

    2 years together and he's constantly saying " I would love for us to get married your my one true love you WILL be my wife soon"

    And then I asked that all important question guys don't wanna hear " how soon?"

    yeah not a good idea. My partner was honest as to why he didn't want me asking when, so I didn't stress too much over it.

    Don't rush him. don't hint. You will make your wedding day everything you want. he just has to show up.

    He has control over when and how he wants to ask you. don't take that away from him. let him do it in his own time don't rush don't go on don't go in a strop. just accept he loves you and wants to marry you when he finds the right time :)

  • The more you push it the less likely it is to happen because he'll just feel pressured into it and snap. That's why I don't really love the idea of living together first. I know I may be old fashioned but I always feel like living together may push marriage off if anything, like "we're already living together why bother" kind of thing.

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