It was a joke that went wrong?

My boyfriend and I on Facebook put " engaged" he dared me to and I did and he accepted it. we were playing. I'm 20 he is 23. been together 2 years. We both get on with each others families its great.

Anyway I took "engaged" off the news feed page so no one would notice. but he didn't. and 10 min after it went up everyone was congratulating us we found it amusing and he took it off.

then his estranged mother text him ( he ain't seen her for over a year) and said congrats. he told her it was a joke. she wouldn't listen. then his gran ( who he lives with) had a go at him for it. ( his mother phoned his gran) what's the big deal? I don't see what the problem is. if it WAS true why react like that in the first place. I think its because they thought we got engaged and didn't tell anyone they found out on Facebook. but I wanna know what you think? Its a major over reaction


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  • I don't give a sh*t, and to be honest - neither should you. It was a joke and you know that, who cares what some pretentious people think.

    • I do agree with you.

      Its the fact its his family that bother me.

      anyone else I wouldn't give a s***

    • You've told them the truth. Let them take it how they want, ultimately it doesn't affect you.

    • Thank you.

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  • Some people may have taken it a bit more seriously. Because you guys are at that age, and have a stable 2 year relationship.. So I'm thinking his mother and grandmother got a little bit enthusiastic about that whole thing, and were simply upset/mad that it was fake? They probably want their boy to get engaged and were just very disappointed.

    They should get over it though, it's over and done with.

    • Yeah it was a private joke that he forgot to take off!

      but his mother put 2 and 2 together as he bought me a ring for my birthday last month.

      but we have taken the status off now

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