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I'm a woman in my 20s that has no interest in ever getting married. Are there other women out there that would rather be selfish with their life, than spend it being Suzy Homemaker? No offense to married women; I'm just too restless and get bored too easily to sign my life away to one person and place.

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  • Are you not interested in monogamy or are you concerned that marriage will become a bore? Or are you another woman who lost hope and doesn't believe that romantic love still exists? Do you believe that chivalry is dead? Or does chivalry not tickle your fancy anyway?

    Anyway if you do get married that does not mean you are by any means obligated to be "Suzy Homemaker." There are some men out there who want their wives to live that role, but not every man thinks that way. I say it is possible for you to really find your Mr. Irresistible, and he is out there. Men do exist who appreciate a woman's good company, who want to have interesting conversations with his special girl, and who won't seem boring at all when around their one girl who is just for him.

    Marriage and monogamy do not have to be boring. It is unfortunate for so many couples that their marriages do become stagnant, but that is their fault completely. A man and a woman can maintain their charm and spark in their lives, but they have to work on it. A charming and happy marriage can be possible, but it takes a team effort.

    I have to say that the reason why marriages get dull is because the couples get lazy. It totally happened to my parents, and I do not want to become them. My parents don't do anything interesting, they do not read or learn about interesting things, they don't visit interesting places, they both have a limited sense of humor and a limited vocabulary, they are not cultured, and they think very simply. They deliberately live a simple life that has no stimulation to the brain. They actually don't like watching movies where you have to think and concentrate while watching it. Concentration and thinking is something they like to keep to a minimum. All of these characteristics combined make them incredibly boring people. And it is their own fault. They tend to think that their lives are good but it's too dull for my tastes. The point is that marriages become boring because the man and woman become boring.

    You can find an interesting guy for you who you will never get bored talking to and who you will never want to leave, but you have to know what to look for in him. Good luck. There is a really cool, charming, and irresistible man out there also looking just for you.

    • I think it's a mix of the two; but I think you were more to the point on the boredom factor. I've had long relationships, and I'm not afraid of commitment, in that sense. If Mr. Wonderful comes my way, I'm not violently OPPOSED to marriage, but he'd have to be ok with some chaos in his life. Not drama, etc. But willing to take a last minute road/camping trip, try new cuisines, etc. I've tried to get my exes out and doing things, but they always end up at the tv all the time, once the new's gone

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    • A-freaking-MEN! lol You pinned it; they are lazy and unmotivated. Sorry but I can only watch so many movies in a row before I want to saw off a limb (of my own!) lol

    • HAHA, my experience has been the opposite for me. Too many girls just wana sit around and watch TV or not do anything. Just broke up with my last girlfriend partially because of that. Don't know wish I could grab a girl and go someplace random too. l get tired of dragging girls to go do stuff all the time.

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  • When I was single, I had no desire to get married ever. My parents were divorced after 20 years and I had a series of bad relationships that left me jaded. So I enjoyed my singleness to the fullest extent. There were times when I craved company, but I never had the desire to share the intricate working of my life with someone else. Having responsibilities and obligations to another person wasn't what I desired at the time. I was also a single mother and chose to focus all of my love and energy to my child. I was happy with who I was.

    I don't think that there is anything wrong with not wanting a LTR. Some people are not capable of that type of commitment, look at the divorce rates these days. I feel that society pressures women into feeling inadequate without a partner, so it can be a struggle dealing with your independence and the conflicting view of peers. If you are comfortable the way you are - the be the way you are. When people asked for my relationship status, I always answered "happily single".

    Why did I get married? My husband pursued me for years - and in time I realized that he was an indispensable asset to my life. I loved him as a friend before anything else and moving our relationship to the next level was just the natural progression of our love. I guess you could say, I didn't have a choice.

    I envy your freedom though, enjoy it to the fullest. Good luck.

    • 'The grass is always greener'. I, for the most part, embrace my single status, and even just having a boyfriend. But there are times, and I think every girl would agree, that it's appealing, the thought of having 'your man' there and with you all the time. I'm fine with LTRs, but I get so restless and they irritate the hell out of me hwen the 'honeymoon' phase is over lol

  • Right now, I don't want to get married either. I'm currently single and enjoying just being on my own and doing my own thing. That isn't to say that I don't ever want to get married. If the right person came along, I'd consider it. I don't believe marriage should be the ultimate goal for women. To me, it's just a piece of paper when in reality, being in a serious committed relationship and even living together is just like being married. Do you just not want any relationships at all? At the moment, I'm not looking for any kind of commitment or relationship, but like I said, if the right person came along, I'd consider it. I don't think that getting married necessarily means you have to sign your life away, to one person maybe, but not to one place. There are plenty people who are very happily married and who don't feel trapped in any way. I think today people get married for all the wrong reasons and they pass on this message that getting married is a bad thing, when in reality they're just doing it all wrong. Do you think you'd ever change your mind about not wanting to be with just one person?

    • I'm ok with just being with one person, but I get bored quickly. Also, I enjoy being on the go, and always learning. Most of my exes pretended to be similiar, but none of them turned out that way. They end up remindig me of Al Bundy. Blech.

  • I actually want to get married... I mean obviously not right now... but at some point in my life... But I'm not gonna be a stay at home mom or whatever... and I don't like cleaning and I'm not that great at cooking... but I don't think that's what marriage is about... but I mean I know people like you who don't want marriage

    • I don't know any women that feel the same as me. I would say I'm a dying breed, but I don't think it was ever 'alive' lol

  • I'm 45 and have never been married, have shared my life with a man but that never meant I had to give up my life for him, getting married does not warrant "being selfish with their life"..Right now you may have no Interest in marriage, I can "almost " garantee that will change 1 day!..But just for the record I am still single as my guy passed away 4 yrs. ago now, But am very near an actual marriage!.." Yay for me" your not being selfish, your being you!

  • I definitely wanna get married but not now.

    But I want to enjoy myself as alone and then bind to him.

    As of now I have my carrier that needs attention.

    Marriage comes with responsibilities. I have to prepare myself before I make this life changing decision.

  • I'm in my late 20s to be honest and I definitely have no interest in getting married. I like being an independent woman. Granted, there are times I kinda wish to be married just because I hate being single now but..all in all, I prefer single life to married life.