How do you know when it is the right time to get married?

I'm just curious. I have a girlfreind and I'm not planning on getting married for a long time. I always hear people saying " you just know" when they are asked this question so I'm just wondering can anyone tell me in depth how do you know?


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  • -When you know ALL of their flaws & they know all of yours

    -When you are ready to commit FOREVER

    -When you love her, of course. But, when you love EVERYTHING about her.

    -When the time isn't hectic for you and her...ex: bills, stress, college...

    -When you can't see yourself leaving her, ever.

    -When/If you both never think 'It won't work'

    -Strong foundation of trust

    -If you know, she is good for you.

    And, also, years...I think you should be with them for a few years...and even live with them first.

    • Aww, thanks for Best Answer =D

      I wish you the best in life, good sir. xoxxx

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  • I think its more of a weather you can see yourself living with or without them, can you see having children and a career with them for the rest of your life, etc.. Also I guess other things in the now relationship need to be taken into account like how often you argue, what it is you argue about, how does it feel when you disagree and are you willing to stand back and see the others point on view in this argument/ dispute.

    I can't really give you a definite answer- I'm not married but I had a go, I can't imagine a wider range of reasons really.

    Hope this helped!

  • How do you know what kind of job you want to have? How do you know if a like a certain song? How do you know what your favorite color is?

    There are many things that "you just know" and can't really explain. However, I asked my fiancé this after he proposed to me and he said "It's because this relationship feels more real than any other I have had before". You will be able to feel the love flow from both parties and getting a craving to ask. It's not something anyone else can see, only something you can feel.

  • When you get that feeling. if you haven't had it yet, then you know it's not the right one

  • you honestly just know. you feel things and want things with this person that you have never wanted with another person just know!

  • When you can't live without her that's when you want to marry


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