Tips to stay sane waiting for him to propose?

I was talking about my plans for future in regards to housing (I'm a student) and how I planned to live with some of my female friends during the next school year when my boyfriend poses the question, "What if I propose by then?" I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it but he follows up later in the conversation with " I know what I'm getting you for Christmas I just have to rearrange my finances to make it happen." and now the anticipation is killing me and it could mean so many other things but I'm so excited by the possibility I just can't seem to chill out. Tips to calm down please?

When I'm with him I could care less about this but when he's not around... mini break down


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  • First, breathe. Second, it's natural that you're this excited about the possibility of him proposing and I think you're doing okay since you don't freak on him about it while you're with (most important thing). But if you get even more anxious than you are now then I would suggest that you try your very best to divert thoughts of the proposal every time it pops up in your head. As soon as one thought pops up, quickly think about something else. Hopefully that should help.