Girls who want kids, would you love your kid more than your husband?

I am curious if girls who want kid, would love their kids more than their husband, and if finding a man, and getting married is only important to you so you could have a kid.

The way I see it is I would love both equally, but If I could only save my kid, or wife, I would choose my wife, becuase I could have another kid, but I could never replace my wife.


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  • I haven't decided if I want children yet or not, but I'll answer anyway.

    I could never see myself trying to find a man and get married only so I could have a child. I would do that because I enjoy the companionship that comes out of an adult relationship; the connection, love, support, trust. Someone I can build a life, share the experiences that life has to offer with, and (hopefully) grow old with.

    If we had children, I don't think I'd love my children more than my husband. I view romantic love and parental love as different types of love---I would love my husband and my children equally, but in different ways. However, parental love comes with additional responsibility. A child relies on it's parents in a much more fundamental way than an adult relies on another adult in a romantic relationship. Typically adults in relationships do rely on each other in some ways, but a child NEEDS it's parents to care for it because it is unable to take care of itself until it is much older. Because of that, I think there's a stronger obligation to one's children than to one's husband.

    "becuase I could have another kid, but I could never replace my wife."

    Personally, I don't view any of my loved ones as replaceable. I have no idea how I would respond in that type of situation.


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  • Girls who want kids, would you love you kid more than your husband? Yes

    Bit of a logic fail to me since I don't need a husband to have kids.

    It's always been chicks before d*cks for me. If I was ever unfortunate to get stuck with a husband it'd be kids, friends, pets, job and then husband as my priorities.

    My friends were there before him and will be there after him. Plenty of girls feel this way there are tons of articles/studies about it. They state that they know emotionally their bfs/husbands are useless & worthless to fulfilling that need...though I'm not really into emotion bit with friends but loyalty/reliability.

    Studies have shown that women are most unhappy and unhealthy when married- they usually have to work and do most of the housework/childcare. Then comes sex is no longer about pleasing each other or bonding but a duty/obligation you owe him when he wants or most of the time he wants...and lmfao if women think their need to talk, go out, or be romanced are treated like a need that has duty status. In fact asking for romance to get in the mood is "using sex as a weapon"...LMAO XD

    There's more than a 50% chance we'll divorce. A husband is replaceable my kid is not.

    There's a 60% chance he'll cheat on me.

    Putting your kids over your husbands is a good thing since most marriage turn out to be the woman sacrificing and having her body used as his masturbation tool.

    • Wow you sound like you really hate and distruss men. Your husband would not be eqaul to your kids, and your friends would be above your husband. And FYI most men do not cheat. The way you talk makes it sound like it is hoopelss to get married. You must have had bad expereices with men before.

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    • I'm the joke of a person?

      I'm not the one blocking users just to have the last word because I dislike what they said.

      Harassing? I'm posting on my answer...I'm not name-calling, insulting you, or making negative judgements on you.

      In case you forgot you did that.

      Go ahead report.

      If anyone can be reported for harassing it's you.

      LMAO XD

    • Your name-calling, accusing people of stating things they didn't say, and assuming things about them should embarrass you.

  • I don't think it's fair to say who do you love more. I mean take parents with more than one child. They love their children all the same. We are talking about two different types of love and its possible to love mutliple people. I love my mom and my best friend! Maybe in different ways because they play different roles in my life but I still love them. As with being married and finding a husband, if I do marry I will obviously want children but that would not be my only reason for marrying. I will however be attracted to traits in guys I know will mean he'll be a good dad. When I meet guys now I'll usually end things when I realize they have no ambition cause I grew up with a lazy and horrible dad who had none of that and I don't want to put myself or my future kids through that so I'll always look out for certain things but when I meet a guy I don't think "aah will he be a good dad?" the whole time. That only comes later.

  • You're thinking is illogical.

    You say that you would choose your wife because she cannot be replaced while a child can.

    No child is the same. A life cannot be replaced. I would choose my child any day, because that is me, and that is a young life. When you become a parent it is natural instinct to want to protect.

    The love you have for a child is very different than the love you'd have for a wife.

    The love for a wife can die out, while the love for a child is unconditional.

  • I wouldn't love them more, just in a totally different way. The love for my husband would be more of the romantic, best friend, I really care about you sort of love. But the love for my children would be totally different, since I would have a different bond with them. After all, they are a part of me. I would love them each immensely and equally, but not with the same love. And no, I wouldn't get married just to have kids. Kids would come out of a marriage because I love my husband.

  • No, I wouldn't. But then again, I don't know how I will feel when that time comes. I will always love my husband. I will also love our kids a lot though because they are a part of both of us. I don't know why a man would feel jealous of his kids when he's part of the child and that is one of the reasons why a woman loves her child so much. That's just the way I see it.

  • I'd probably pick my kids. The love a parent has for their child is unconditional. I don't even think romantic love compares. All of the moms I know love their kids more than anything

  • I can't compare the mom's love for her child with her love "In a romantic way" for her husband,it is kind of different,everyone of them has his own personal place in her Heart.

    She may take care of the child more than the husband but she will still taKe care of the husband/love him in her own way and she won't forget him of course.

    That is just my opinion.

    I never thought that men are that much jealouse.

    • I do not think it is jealously, but neither should be loved more. Someone spouse should not come before kids, or kids, shouls not come before someones spouse.

    • well,they are different! a spouse's love is a story and the child love is another different story,i can't compare them with each other,the mom love them both but in a different way! I can't say more or less unless the spouse is a bad spouse.

  • In a way, probably yes because they came from my body. So it's more precious bond :)

  • I have had this conversation with my female friends who have kids and are married and we all agree we love our children more then our husbands. And I have talked to dads and they will say they love each equally. When I got married I did not do it so I could have a child I did it because I do love him and wanted to spend the rest of my life with him it actually had nothing to do with children at all.

  • I love them equally but in different ways. My kids need me to protect and support them more than my husband does. Their safety will always come first. Getting married is not important to me only for kids, I would get married because I love the person I'm with and I want to be with him. I would have to save my child though. I gave birth to the kid, carried him/her within me for 9 months, and my child is only beginning to live but I have had my chance at life. I would definitely give up my life for my child.


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  • I don't have a wife or kids. But I know many who do. And my friend Michael said it best, when he saw his wife holding their first child after giving birth. He said he couldn't help but feel depressed when he realized she'd never looked at him with that much love.

    It's a harsh truth that maybe people don't like to talk about... but yeah, I think the mother will love her kid more than husband.

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