Does anyone else think marriage isn't being taken seriously anymore?

It's no wonder we have all these divorces. What with all the careless people jumping into marriage and not expecting to have to put forth effort on their side. Marriage is money, compromise, sex, emotions, caring for another human being and putting them before yourself most of the time.

I'm not against marriage, whether you're sixteen or eighty-three, I don't think people shouldn't get married. I just think they shouldn't go into it expecting it to be easy. Marriage is hard-core commitment, and should be, "til death do us part."

But I'm not saying there aren't exceptions for divorce. It just makes me sad to see all these people splitting up because they didn't take it seriously.

Call me a sucker but I like seeing people happy. I hate it when someone has to go through something as hard as divorce. It's hard to really prepare yourself for marriage, but I think some people don't really think things through before they take that big step.

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  • I take my marriage very seriously.

    > It's no wonder we have all these divorces

    I never ventured into it just for a divorce. And if it ever happens I will never re-marry.

    > Marriage is money, sex, compromise, sex, emotions, sex, caring for another human being and

    > sex

    I guess not everyone was ready for all that.

    > "til death do us part."

    Some say til divorce do us part, but I agree with you.

    > But I'm not saying there aren't exceptions for divorce. It just makes me sad to see all these

    > people splitting up because they didn't take it seriously.

    When my grandmother died by grandfather married another woman. It was disastrous.

    Let's go through the family roster:

    Jane* - Married twice. Still married.

    Janet - Married twice. Still married

    Cathy - Married twice. Still married

    Jo - Married once. Still married

    Cheryl - Married once. Still married

    Stephanie - Married three times. Single.

    Rick - Married once. Still married.

    Pat - Married once. Still married.

    Elaine - Married once. Single.

    Mom & Dad - each married twice. Still married to each other

    Not all my cousins married. Those who did are still married except the first one who got divorced.

    I *think* he remarried. Apparently he stays further away from the family than I do.

    I don't know how serious my relatives take or took marriage but it's just not built to last for some people.

    * - all real names except "Mom" and "Dad" but you didn't hear it from me.


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  • While you are correct, I should point out that marriage's significant stems from religious/spiritual beliefs which do not rule people as much today as they did to past generations, especially with the fact that atheism and agnosticism are growing at a pretty quick pace. The question you should be asking is, what is the significance of marriage to a person who is not religious or spiritual? What would their motivation be for getting married? Western culture is pushing us away from making our spiritual beliefs a part of our identity.

    • Actually marriage didn't start with religious or spiritual beliefs. It was a way to pass ownership of women from father to husband. Religions adopted the tradition later on. So it really doesn't necessarily have anything to do with religion. I think the significance of marriage is up to the person who's getting married. It means different things to different people, and I think most of the time it's emotional and not spiritual.

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    • Yes people certainly do. Personally I don't believe in making promises based on factors that ourside forces can prevent me from keeping, which is why I do not believe in marriage. I do not believe that there is anything I can do to fully guarantee that the marriage will last for life.

    • well at least you can admit that and I respect that.

  • I agree. In my eyes marriage is a one-time thing that signifies your commitment to someone for the rest of your life. I think it's a combination of people rushing into marriage that shouldn't and people giving up too quickly.

  • I think people should take it more seriously, but the person who leaves is not always the one who didn't.

    • I know and understand that. Like I said, I think there are exceptions for divorce and I do think in some cases I would even encourage it.

  • i think it just doesn't fit with the way modern people live before marriage really, the modern relationship is the friends with benefits and the modern family is the single mom, its hard to have the kind of commitment and loyalty you describe when you have little respect for each other. maybe one respects one less or maybe they both don't really respect each other

    • but why get married if you don't respect the person? That's just insanity.

    • because its the thing to do, see we changed the dating process since since the feminist sexual revolution scene of the 60s but we didn't change the outcome of dating which doesn't make any sort of sense at all. for some reason they thought you can change the equation and leave the answer the same which I think is pretty retarded

  • I don't take marriage seriously BUT I take my wife very seriously.


  • I don't think anyone has taken it seriously since no fault divorces were allowed and the judicial system became overtly gynocentric.

  • I take it serious. That's why I'm 30 and still not married...

    • well, at least you take it seriously.

    • there have been ones I could have married... but they were not fit to go the distance in my view...

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  • i totally agree with what your saying! marriages are very important and everything in life has it's ups and downs... just because it's difficult doesn't mean to give up.. or we'd never get anywhere in life! when you say you shouldn't expect it to be easy that makes me think of college.. because you go into it knowing it'll be difficult but in the end, rewarding, and important in life.. at least that's what it is in my mind.. people should put more into their relationship before they wed... time and effort in creating the relationship as well as maintaining it.

  • yes...sistah you are correct! :P

    It saddens me really. :S

    The king should have never made a separate church and made it llegal to get divorces...

    unless of of course the person cheated or something...

    But, that would never happen...

    • Can I get your opinion on the point I brought up in my answer? Want to see what you have to say =)

  • I agree, and I think that's part of the reason why marriage has such a bad stigma surrounding it now. When I see people saying yes to questions like this: link it makes me sick...

    • it seems like an engagement ring is almost as easy to get as a happy meal toy.

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    • I agree. It takes time to really get to know someone enough to know whether or not you want to commit the rest of your life to them. And besides that people can pretend to be someone totally different for such a short time. Waaay too risky.

    • yes. exactly.

  • Yes I do think that people are not taking it serious people are just getting married like it doesn't mean anything to them and then getting divorced a year or even earlier..Like my cousin he thought he was in love but the girl that he married only married him to make another guy jealous that is ridiculous people need to relearn what the meaning of marriage is and what it means behind it

  • I take marriage seriously, and so does my husband. But the only reason we got married is so I can stay in the country. We love each other but once I get citizenship it's over, because we don't want to be legally bound to each other. We want domest paartnership

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