Friend says she wants to marry me?

So I have this friend sarah and I been friends with her for years....and this is the part I'm and her when we are sober don't think about each other sexualy ...well I do from time to time Because I know I really do love her...but it confuzing me Because when she's drunk she always tells me we are going to get married and have kids and I don't know if she really feels the same way that I do ...or is it just all her and my family pushing us. Because they always ask us when we going to get married. but at the same time I don't know if I want to Because how she treats me sum times...i just don't know what to do no more girls make me crazy! so I help please I need sum1 to help


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  • Talk to her about it...

    • i have it just gets more conf.

    • When you talk to her, what does she say?

      Do you talk to her in a casual flow of conversation?

      in a wtf was that?

      or do you have a serious talk?

    • serious talk

  • Drunk words are sober thoughts! Maybe she is just as confused as you are.

    • well I told her a lot of times that I do love her

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