Do you believe in Marriage?

Marriage... Do you think its good bad or ugly? Because my parents got married 22 years back and are still together today...

Im an Indian, and decided to move to the united states after 3-4 years to start a family there... but I have some doubts... The girls in the states... Do you believe in a lifelong relationship, or do you believe that you need one boy for a certain period say like 5-10 years and then divorce him?...

My mother has also told me that many women in the states fool around with one boy for a certain period of time, and leave him... Is that true?

I am a Christian, and I believe in Mark 10:6-8 KJV

So are there any girls out there who believe in a lifetime relationship, and not just a part time relationship, share your reviews...

Those who don't like marriage, do share your reviews why you hate marriage, and why marriage is not an option for you... ;)


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  • I believe in marriage wholeheartedly and would love to get married one day. I'm a commitment phobic and think a lot before committing to a relationship and the idea of marriage isn't too eased in my mind but when I find that person I wanna spend my life with yes, I would wanna get married for sure. I wouldn't consider divorce at all unless something major happens in the marriage that breaks it apart and makes me not want to be with that person anymore.

    • I agree with you... but the bible says that once a man and woman are married, they become one flesh, so they can never divorce at all...

      in your post, you remind me of one song. "I want to spend my lifetime loving you by Marc Anthony and Tina Arena"... ;)

    • Haha! :) well I'm not christian so I don't know about that lol.

    • but tell me if you know about that song...

  • Yes, I believe in marriage with the right guy. I would date a guy for a while before I even would consider marrying a guy. My parents never got a divorce, so I believe that with the right spouse it can last :) Don't believe in stereotypes... I'm sure everyone is different, some people may not believe in marriage, some do. It's like thinking everyone in India gets an arranged marriage. I'm from Canada by the way. :)


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