Girls at what age was your man ready to settle down? Guys at what age?

were you ready to settle down? (get married, have children...) I know this sounds weird but this question is mostly for people in BIG cities on the coasts (mainly in the U.S., because that is where I am from, but of course you can answer if you are from other countries). I'm saying this because I would like people to relate to me and I know many people in the bible belt tend to settle at a very young age and people in the mid west do the same. I'm not trying to generalize but I use to live in Nebraska and so many people got married straight out of high school and started having families and guys went straight into the military and proposed to their high school sweet hearts and wanted to have babies RIGHT after they enlisted. I'm not saying that is bad, I'm just saying what I noticed =). So, at what age was your man ready to settle down and get married or have children? My boyfriend and I were kind of "arguing" (not really)last night about this and I told him he should be ready by now and I kind of feel offended that he isn't ready, because were going to be 30 in 3 years. I don't want to be walking down the isle with wrinkles ::sigh:: =(


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  • Really? Married right out of high school, that's insane! I know I'm a guy, but I'm answering this anyways because I'm incredibly bored this evening. I'm 26, and I don't think I'll be ready to settle down for a while. I wanted to get married when I was 25, but after a really bad break up I don't think I'll be ready to get married or in a committed relationship until I'm in my 30's.


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  • It's kind of selfish for you to be offended that he isn't ready to settle down. Settling down means different things to a guy. For women, marriage means security. For a guy, it means responsibility.

    • By offended I mean I feel like in not good enough. Ugly almost, not woman enough, too poor, can't fill his disires, etc.

    • Desires* and sometimes I just tend to get down when I see young 18-25ish year old married couples and think yeah, something IS wrong with me , I must not be good enough or I would have been married by now right

    • If he thought you weren't good enough for him he probably wouldn't be with you at all. In my experience it's almost never about the girl when a guy is afraid of commitment. It almost always revolves around some insecurity the guy has.

      Also, the word you're looking for is "insulted", not offended.

  • im 25 and my baby is 23..we talk about kids all the time but she keep saying she need to finish school first so I'm just patiently waiting lol

  • This sounds like a beach city on the west coast.

    This sort of mentality is rampant. It's a town in the now and no one wants to settle. Strange that the people that have moved from the midwest to the coast have different priorities than natives.

    I've been looking for a woman to marry since I was 26. It's been 3 years and I'm going to have to moved to the midwest to find a good quality woman.


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