How long will we last?

So I've been with this guy for about three years (from our junior year of high school to now) and we have something real. We've had fights and disagreements and the whole thing, but we've always made up and resolved our feelings. we've also had really great times together. When I moved away for college (five hours away from him, but still in state), I kind of didn't expect us to stay together. However, we've only gotten stronger since I moved.

I know this will sound sappy, but I love him more than life itself. I only feel right when I'm with him. I'm certain he feels the same way.

I should also mention that he's mentioned marriage more than once (three times if I recall correctly), and I was the one who was a bit skeptical. I still am, but now I'm wondering: if we do stay together through college, is he the one?

Also, do you think he was serious regarding the marriage thing? I kind of blew him off at first, but I'm now seriously considering the idea.


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  • A lot of people marry their high school sweethearts and it works out. I think as long as you two are both happy then I see no reason why you guys can't have a long and happy future together. I was in a great relationship for three years but we broke up a year after we graduated because we were going in different directions which is the most common reason high school sweetheart relationships fail. It sounds like you guys won't have that problem though so if it feels right, then just go with it haha. If you have any doubts take the time to sort them out. You have your whole lives ahead of you so there's really no reason to rush into the marriage thing. Sorry to get all Mom on you haha.

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