Are all marriages based on money?

I see most women going after men with lots of cash. I will see some men do the exact same with women. Recently, Katy Perry and Russel Brand just got divorced, thank god, so now she's back on the market, for me :) but also the thing with Kim and her husband..he wanted her money, now Russel wants Katys money.

Are marriages just coming down to divorce and money? Is there ever any true love anymore?


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  • Most girls go after guys with stable income since they can take care of you.

    Thats all I've got to say regarding money and marriage.

    IMAQT xx

    • I've a job..and I'm single

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    • Then again...I'm 22 and making minimum wage, the only reason why is because I haven't graduated college yet. I took a 2 year break from it and just starting back

    • dont give up and good luck if your goal is to get married :]

  • I don't have anybody around me who got married for money. Usually people (both boys and girls) are looking for equal or almost equal economic condition.


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