Is a wedding a good place to connect with someone?

Long story short, my roommate is getting married in October. Her fiance goes to my school, and he (call him Michael). I'm one of my roommate's bridesmaids, and Michael is one of the groomsmen. we are both friends with both of the people who are getting married and they have actually attempted to set us up on multiple occasions, but the timing wasn't good for me. I've always had a crush on this guy and I've been told he was at some point interested in me (whether or not he still is has yet to be determined) but was too shy to say anything. Now that he's graduated we live in different cities and other than our friendship with this couple we have no reason to really see each other until the wedding. I'm wondering if it'd be inappropriate to make a move during wedding festivities? or at least at some point share my feelings? I'm afraid if I don't act now I will have missed my chance!


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  • There is nothing wrong for looking for love at a wedding. The romantic atmosphere makes it an ideal setting for sparks to start flying. That being said, once that atmosphere dies, there is a good chance the magic of a new romance will also die. I personally think you should give it a try, tis better to have loved and lost and all that jazz.

    • Yea, I probably wouldn't go for it if it was just a random guy, but since we have a history and I know that at some point he had feelings for me (but I didn't know this at the time and had started dating a different guy-- if I had only known I would have totally dated michael the whole time!) I think I'd like to go for it. I get what you're saying about the atmosphere though. we'll see what happens

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