Would you be upset if your spouse started acting like this?

Would be upset if your spouse who you slept with nightly, talk about everything with, spend a lot of time together ect started going to work at like 7am and wasn't getting home till between 8 and 9pm eats dinner and watches a total of 5 min of TV and is passed out or will pass out in the middle of a conversation? We haven't even cuddled or anything in almost a week, I feel like I'm my bfs mistress/maid, do I have the right to be upset or not?


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  • 7-9, the guy must be dead tired... He won't be happy either.. unless he can get better shifts or a better job, I don't see the situation changing anytime soon...

    • he stays after work and he does kinda have a sh*tty job but its amazing pay and its worth it well at least that's what he tells me, he this past week had been off work by 5pm and chooses to stay at work that long and I do know he is at work and he only works with one woman and she's gone before he gets off work.

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  • He must feel exhausted from work. I feel for you. Sadly, all relationships will go through this- when paying the bills becomes the utmost of importance.

    Just try to be understanding and talk to him when you feel the time is right. But DO NOT make him feel like he's doing something bad or wrong. Just tell him that you realize you're both busy so you should both make an extra effort to connect so you don't end up drifting apart.

    • He doesn't pay many of the bills most of them are taken car of by me running a buissness out of my home, basicly what isn't tax deductible is payed for by my wages and when I tell him we haven't been spending much time together he just says I'm sorry baby and when I say something like lets take a night for just us he invites hisbuddy over, he knows I get upset with this seeing as all his single buddy wants to do is go to the bar make my boyfriend pay for his drinks(my boyfriend doesn't drink) and scam on girls

    • Hmmm sounds like you guys have deeper issues other than this. :(

    • Well you see its simple I own the house, I pay most the bills, he pays for his car, gas, cell, credit cards, cable, ect. I have issues sleeping sometimes and I have been ill for some time now but its not like I just got ill in the last week I haven't gotten better or worse, all I wanted to know is if I have a right to be upset.

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