He won't listen to me!

My fiance lives an hour away he used to call me at least twice a day... now there's no phone calls no text and when I call him he's playing video games not listening to anything I'm saying and I repeat myself 4 and 5 times before I get pissed off then he says what's wrong and I tell him he's not listening! he's 23 and I can't take these childish games anymore and we've only been engaged a month!


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  • This is a tough one but maybe he's just not that into you, if my fiance was doing that to me I would ask myself wouldn't he do that when we're actually married and living together I mean I would consider the facts first of how it would be like to live with someone like him - yes I love him but do I look like I want to be treated that way, maybe he wants to break the engagement off, maybe there's something bothering him about this whole thing, maybe he's not ready to settle down. I would ask him, confront him - why are you acting like that? What it is that's bothering you? The guys that I know who are 23 - they're such babies. But I would confront him, maybe he's scared or maybe he's just not ready settling down? Just confront him and see what he says. Good Luck!


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  • Sorry, but this is not the guy you want to marry. It's a good thing that you saw this behavior before you got married to him.


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