Did you propose and they say no? OR did you get proposed to and you say no?

Do you know why they said no? What did you do after? Did you two stay together? Did they later say yes?

Why did you say no? How did they react? Did you stay together? Did you later say yes?


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  • my friend proposed to his girlfriend of 6 years, she said no and it was over between them.

    • Oh no that's so sad. Do you know by chance what happened?

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    • nope he's a wreck. is still in love and pursuing her, which kills any attraction she has left for him. That stuff works in the movies but not in real life.

    • Poor thing :(

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  • listen skinny girl . . . its the man that proposes to a girl not vice versa . . .

    • Why do you keep calling me that? And I never said who, it says, "Did YOU (as in anyone) propose and THEY (again, anyone) say no." or vice versa.

  • No my wife said yes to me right after I proposed to her we just got married in October.


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