For those of you who are married...At what point did you know you wanted to marry your partner?

At what point did you know you wanted to marry your partner? I'm not talking like when you asked them but more like when you knew they were the one? I am asking because I am dating this guy and only a few months into it I feel like I could marry him. I picture our future together and it makes me really happy. Just wondering if this is ridiculous or if anyone has felt the same way and it actually happened haha


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  • You only truly know someone when you've seen them react and respond to bad news, unforseen events. You must know how they are under pressure, how do they argue. Otherwise, all you're doing is fantasizing.


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  • Yeah it was like that but for my husband lol he asked me 5 times to marry him the first time we were dating for only a month when he asked me... I thought I would be the one hinting but no.. When I was finally ready he didn't ask which had me a bit worried... In '07 it was a year of hell for both of us I had to fess up about. Cheating on him and was forced by our then pastor from the church break up. For a month... I knew and thought at that point that it was over realizing I do love him it's not just an emotional attachment, or just company tomake time fly a little faster... W e broke up we had no contact whatsoever trying to find myself and not be so grief stricken seeing if I could forget... he texted me around the beginning of April I knew this was it a chance to mend his broken heart and be able to change things about myself but only going the hell was I now ready to know & appreciate heaven... Only through that I knew We were going to be OK and finally be together... Today we have been married 3 years on the 24 of this month & have a little girl that's ready to come out at any moment :) we have no trust issues and live a peaceful life

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