Who's Day is the Wedding Day? Not looking to fight..just curious

Background: I have only been married once..not looking to leave my marriage...but...my wife was married once before..and her groom-to-be fainted twice during their ceremony...so..she was adamant that she did not want a Public Wedding (we did a JP in 5 minutes) but.I saw a Question where females & males made the claim that it was the "Female's Day" Is it? this is one that I am not sure about..even at age 54! O:O

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  • It depends on the couple. I think it's usually more for women, though. They seem to start thinking about it at a young age. If it was up to me, I would rather just go to the courthouse and not have a ceremony. It has always seemed pretentious for me, personally. I have never been one to want an event centered around me. I'd rather not have a funeral either.

    • My wife insisted on a courthouse wedding..she had been married once before and her groom had fainted twice during the ceremony...and she said..."Never Again"

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  • A wedding day should definitely be about both people. I've only been to one wedding - my oldest brother's wedding. His wife was just the biggest "bridezilla" ever. Seemed to think that day was all about her, her dress, her makeup, hair... everything. And during the planning stages she would freak out about every little thing. Everything had to be perfect. She basically tried to hog all the attention on that day, both during the ceremony and then at the reception afterward. I felt so bad for my brother.

    So yeah, a wedding day definitely belongs to both people. After all, it's a celebration of TWO people starting a life together. Doesn't matter if there was a big ceremony in a church or just the 5 minute JP event, both people deserve all the attention and congratulations that comes afterwards.

    • Also, I think the wedding ceremonies are a waste of time and money. If or when I get married, I just want to go to the JP and then have a little party afterward. Nothing flashy. I don't want all that attention lavished upon myself.

  • i think many girls/ wome out there feel that way. I have a friend I went to school w ith who is getting married this year and its all she ever talks about. It's cran the first zy there was an engagement party, there will be a bridal shower and a hens night then the wedding...

    i hate that you see so many depictions of weddings where al the groom is is some guy who is at the end of the aisle weareing a suit. like there is the 4 weddings shows and they barely even mention the grooms... I mean WTF? is the chick just marrying herself?

    I hate the notion that its just for the woman. if my boyfriend isn't that into getting married then I probably wouldn't bother in the first place.

  • I think that whole attitude is ridiculous. The day is about BOTH of them. But a lot of women seem to think it's all about them, and go completely nuts about wedding preparation! Okay, granted, I could be biased because I'm not so adamant about getting married and big weddings and all that, but still - I think both partners should have input, that they shouldn't lose sight of what the day is about, and not worry so much about centre pieces, flowers and all that gollywobble.

    If I ever get married I'll have control over my dress and the flowers I hold, make sure there is an open bar. That's pretty much all I care about.

    • well..u are Big in My Book...but we don't agree on all issues...yet...when I have gone one-on-one..you always impress me...but...this does get back to the issue..you gonna listen to me..YOUR MAN? or you gonna listen to other females...o.O

    • We certainly don't agree on all issues :P I'm going to listen to myself and the people I care about. I will consider what everyone has to say, but a wedding day is about the two people being married - my fiances and my own opinions are the only ones that really matter.

  • Two people are getting married, So the wedding is about at least 2 people. Tho idk, a lot of weddings I hear about end up being more about everyone else, & the bride& groom are miserable. jp, sounds great to me;) my grandparents did that. my great gm found them sexing and the country house where my gm grew up. they said they were getting married. So they did. You could surmise my grandmother planned getting caught, by leaving certain things left to chance-like the door lock. But then could just be fait. No matter they have been married & in love for 60+years. Only functional relationship I'm related to.

    They ate pizza afterward to celebrate. good pizza I hear-if you like pizza. I dont. But a lot of people do.

    So yea I think its about both. well ethically anyways. tho personally, I think spending a years rent in a few hours of uncomfortable dressing gear -when people don't have money for clothes-or water let alone cake for that matter- is rather unethical-but that's not the Q & its just my opinion...

    In any case both. Its about both. ;)

    • PMSL !

      I would enjoy pizza and/or sex with you ANY time...and..if I couldn't have pizza or sex with you..I am happy to be your friend...(:

    • You are a weirdo Kyra..u are like me..if it did not hurt me..of course I would not comply? ...(:

  • I would say both but mostly the bride. I think this goes back to biblical traditions. The man was seen as the head of the household, so I think it was more of the woman's honor to have a special day. I don't know if that makes any sense at all... But basically like she was receiving this big prize, or maybe a celebratory transition from girl to woman. She goes from being the child of her parents to the wife of her husband and it's a sort of blossoming, I suppose.

  • It's about both people but it usually ends up being about the bride. She's basically the star of the show lol. I know when I get married, I want to have control over most of the decisions & plans regarding the wedding & reception.

    • I like your openness & honesty...also like the way you look...not sure how we would handle those pubes tho.../:

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    • hmm..How could I be scared of a female as beautiful as you? (:

    • I'm not joking.

  • Well I've seen those American TV shows and the women getting married were actually quite frightening, legit psychotic bitches. But I also know when some of my friends have been married their weddinsg were quite normal. In general though it does seem women seem to always push for marriage more than men. For example if you ask most women what they what to do with their life they will answer with "Marriage, kids, house etc" Mens responses tend to be more interesting.

    • LOL..Misty...I don't give a ripe F*** about "them" ..it is YOU that matters to me...<3

  • It is about both but the girl is like the princess of the party and gets special treatment.


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