I think my husband is looking for a "male" relationship?

Has anyone had this happen to them? I would like to chat about it. is it curiousity, fantasy or found out something about him self?

i guess ill elaberate a little more, at first I thought my husband was depressed and then I read signs "he cheating on you" and thought wow never in a million years would I guess he'd cheat on me, he did things like, no "fun" with me, his cell phone and computer became very secret were as before he didn't care. so I needed to know, so he left his phone and went to work, so I looked and I found he's been chating with a guy and want to do stuff, what do I do now?


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  • No it has not happened to me but whether it is curiosity, fantasy or a realization on your husband's side, that is something only he can answer. We can't read his mind so there is no way for a bunch of strangers on the internet to know.

    If it bothers you that much, then just sit down with him and politely and gently discuss it with him.

    • In response to your update, I still think it is best to just sit down with him and talk to him about your concerns. Tell him you found out that he's chatting with a guy and then ask him what that's all about. Tell him it makes you feel like he's interested in men and then just watch his reaction. There is nothing else we can tell you to do. Besides, he's your husband - you should feel comfortable talking with him about anything.

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  • Isn't he already in a make relationship with you? Maybe he wants a new guy? Or something new?

  • Isn't he already in a male relationship?


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