What questions do you ask yourself when considering someone to be "the right girl/guy" for you?

What questions do you ask yourself when considering someone to be "the right girl/guy" for you? Like I'm talking marriage! What questions do you ask yourself when you're considering? Or do you just go with the flow and let it work itself out?

I know everyone had FABULOUS answers(: I chose jimmy217 because he basically just said that you will know when he/she is the right one for you. Personally, in my opinion, that's all you really need to know due to that "feeling".


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  • well first I asked myself why do I feel I might be able to marry this person? then how well do I know them? how much time have we spent together? if you live with the person do you like living with them or do they drive you nuts? do they have little things that bother you and can you stand them forever? do they make you happy do they make you feel sopecial? so they make you want to be with them and only them? do they compleat you? those are all good questions to ask yourself. can you talk to them for hrs and hrs and hrs without the conversation going dry? because you will have to comunicate for the rest of your life and it is key to any good marriage. do you like there inlaws not as inportant but does help.

  • how do you know when you've found that special someone who would be the parts to make you into a whole family together? This is a question I asked a longtime friend who knows me as I want to be and not me as I am. His answer was, You just know man! Its the girl who you could sit next to for hours and have no worries. Its also just a lot of hard work and realizing who really want. You also have to look at their family. When you look for someone they have to have love for their brothers and sister and their parents. Those are the people who will want to make a family of their own.


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