Is it better if a man doesn't marry a career women if he wants kids?

I would love to know honest thoughts about this - without the pressures of political correctness and feminism restricting the truth on what guys really think.

If you are looking to have kids, would you prefer a women who wasn't too career focused? Do you think (in general) they make better wives and mothers? (In the case scenario; you had enough money that you didn't need two full time incomes)


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  • You're right.

    Basically in my opinion there are 3 major priorities possible, and everyone will choose only one as the reason of their life, the same time not focusing(too much or at all) on the other two.

    Those options are:

    Family - wife & kids, spending their time, resources and effort for them, total commitment

    Career - climbing up the ladder, educating themselves for a lifetime, seeking prestige

    Free sex - no strings attached, living in the club, hooking up all the time, forever single

    It's all about the personality. Everyone must ask themselves: "What are really your priorities?"

    As I mentioned, there's only one and choosing the wrong for you(note that "wrong" for some might be "correct" for someone else) means having a life at waste.

    So when the man wants family, he must marry a woman who also wants family, because otherwise neither of them will be happy.

    Why a girl who's living for the 3rd option would be bad mother is obvious, but if you're too much career-focused first your children will be neglected, also you may have very little to no free time which may alienate you from your spouse. So it's better for such people not to be together in the first place.

    That's my input about this.

    • What about guys that want a high end career and a family? Where do they sit...?

    • A man that has a high-end career should be able to provide enough to ensure the wife doesn't have to work. In fact, most of the richest and happiest men in America are married and insisted that their wife didn't work.

      For further reading, this is your homework assignment:


      It goes into very deep detail about why successful men don't marry career women.

    • It's about priority. Not about complete alienation of the rest.

      You can have only one priority. The rest is secondary, at best.

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  • Marrying any kind of career woman is asking for trouble. In both Europe and the United States, multiple studies have shown that women who work and continue working when kids arrive are more likely to have a rocky marriage and a higher rate of divorce. It is too much for a woman to be asked for both motherhood (a full-time job) and working outside of the home (another full-time job).

    • Interesting. You always have such thought about answers. I am asking as because as much as I would have like to have a successful career it didn't turn out that way for me. Both of my sisters are successful career women and I always thought it made me less of a catch than my sisters. What made me ask the question, is the one of my sisters is VERY successful and guys just aren't interested in her and I always thought this was fascinating - as in my eyes she is a catch.

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    • You're welcome. Just keep adding to your library and you'll learn a lot. :)

    • In case you missed, make sure to read my comments below the other answers, in case you missed them. There's extra credit if you want to be a really good student. :D

  • My best friend married a driven intelligent career woman. She's making $71/hr currently @ 29yrs of age.

    She told my buddy that she would never have kids because she didn't want to ruin her career or body. If it meant that much to him, they could adopt. She would never get pregnant.

    So... I guess the answer is I would prefer a woman who values kids & family over a career.

    Does that help?

    • I think it is tragic that a woman considers her body "ruined" if she becomes a mother. Is motherhood so distasteful? What a knock on mothers everywhere. I thank God my mother didn't think that way.

  • very good question, but I think so. I mean there is absolutely no substitute for a mothers complete attention, being raised by a nanny or something is just not the same. I don't necessarily think that they make better wives, but the thought of coming home to a nice meal on the table is very appealing haha

  • did would be cool if the wife could stay home. she would have smart kids.

    You ever hear why women were allowed to work in the first place during the 50s?just asking. it based on the if the woman works the childern woould be left to go to public schools, thus leaving the govv to tax the women and increse the stress levels of women and destory the family.

  • Probably but message me i like a career woman too


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  • I think someone should be at home with the kids so its better not to marry a career woman, either that or he can be Mr Mom. she should have a job ideally but you don't have to be super focused on your career familys more important

    • True. A woman working part-time or from the home can still provide additional assistance to the family's income. But for a woman who is so focused on making it to the top of the ladder, her family will suffer. Careerist women have some of the highest divorce rates of any group, including those with children.