Telling boyfriend I want to get married but not asking?

OK we've been together 19 months we live together and have a son I want tell him that I want to get married at some point doesn't have to be right now or anything but I'm really scared to mostly because I think he's just going to say OK lol help


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  • How old are both of you just out of curiosity?

    • 20 I'll be 21 in may

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    • And yes I do feel that way and I'm pritty sure he does we met on zoosk had our first date then a week later he ask me to move in then 2 months after that he asked how I felt about having a baby then 6 months after we met me found out we were pregnant now he's 5 months old and were looking into buying a house

    • Sounds like you need to talk with him directly. Overall, despite your young age, you guys sound fairly stable. I'd say go for it and start trying to address his concerns (and yours too). The sooner you have the conversatino the better.

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  • It's fairly reasonable to suggest it after 19 months living together.

  • ok you have a son I ...then you have the license to marry him ...wat are you waiting go tell him ring the wedding bells now


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