Ladies, I need advice on how to propose creatively?

When you vision a guy proposing to you, how and where does it take place? I'm thinking about asking my girlfriend to marry me, she's been hinting at it, and I want to surprise her by doing something that she'll never forget. I was thinking about taking her to a nice black and white restaurant and inviting our family to do it, but I think she'll be suspicious of me. Any suggestions? Guys suggestions welcomed also.


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  • My brother proposed to his wife with a cute creative idea! He made a scavenger hunt for her out of all of their memories! It started with where they met (their high school), their first date (a local movie theater), their first kiss (at a park), ect. They took a little trip down memory lane and in the end he brought her to a nice restaurant with family and friends waiting and then he proposed to her! It took him months to plan and execute (we had rehearsals and everything, lol)! She loved it and was totally surprised! Hope this helps and Good luck!:)

    • I like this,thanks!

    • Your welcome, glad I could help!

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  • def. something romantic and outgoing a lot of work. like wake up early in the morning and leave RED rosepedals from her room to another room then spell out "will you marry me?" across the floor in WHITE pedals! then show up after she reads it with the ring:))))))


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