Signs that your boyfriend sees you as marriage material?

Other than flat out saying it I mean?

We talk about how we want our weddings and what we like and what not. We talk about how we want our future homes, and we both want to build a home, we talk about how we are going to raise kids. All the personal "marriage and family" things.

We have a lot of things in common.

He has me meeting a lot of his family and friends this year, (they live in another state and are coming here to visit) his best friend in March, his parents in June, and a large group of his friends in November.

Do you think if him and I are talking about that kind of stuff, that it crosses his mind to marry me? Is he thinking about it to, because I obviously am. Any signs I can look for?

Oh, and one time he said, "I want our wedding to be fun." and then like stumbling over his own words, corrected himself saying, "I mean.. like your wedding, and then my wedding."

He is really closed up on his feelings by the way. I got to dig deep sometimes


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  • I think you're certainly headed down the right path (if you want to marry him, that is!) It's important to talk about it and share where you want to live/how many kids/etc, so you can know you both have the same ideas on marriage and family, but talking by itself isn't a great predictor of what will happen in the future. Anyone can say the words, and unfortunately people say all kinds of things without giving a thought to following through. But yes, talking about it is the important first step.

    I think the strongest sign is how much you are included in each others' lives. If marriage is in your future, you should both be naturally progressing toward making one another permanent and important members in your individual lives, families, and future plans. Meeting his family and closest friends- and more importantly, developing close relationships with those people- is a huge indicator. Down the road, you should be considering each others' opinions when making major decisions as well.

    It sounds like it's still pretty early, and at this point just being able to communicate what you both want for the future and include each other is most important. There aren't really any surefire signs to tell for sure, but you should both always have an underlying sense that the relationship is developing and getting deeper and heading in the right direction. If you are good marriage material together, you should both feel secure and confident about where you are headed. Doubt, hesitation and actions not matching up with words are the biggest red flags to look out for at this point.

  • yeah but you shouldn't be pushing him to talk about those things because if you are he may just feel pressured into it, but if he brings it up on his own a lot that is a very good thing, especially if he has you meeting his family and friends.

    • I don't push him, most of the time we see something on the DIY network and he just starts talking about it and we end up having a long convo about it.