How to win her heart, proposed but got rejected..!

well I came to meet her through my sister, she is my sister's college student. She knocked me first to be friends and I accepted.we been talking every single day since then on phone from couple of months, and we have been meeting about twice every week.We are good friends since our first meeting, have been sharing every small matters. I came to know she had a break up just few months before I met him.In between I had the feelings more than just friends, I couldn't resist myself and kept on expressive, but she were reluctant to share her feelings on that , she told me she is not ready for any such relation. But yesterday only , foolish me I should have given time to our friendship, instead I proposed her, but she expressed its a complete No. she tried to have the feelings as mine from couple of days but she couldn't and was very much scared of me being hurt. But she admitted that I had some impact on her and admires me a lot as a friend but she is unable to have the feelings of love and accept me as her boyfriend. That made me so broken, I can't even express. Then at the end of discussion I requested her to give time to rethink over the matter again from her end,and she accepted for than and I'm ready to wait for her time, and in between from my end I promised her I won't be expressive and having expectation over her more than a friend. from her end she promised if anything she feels for me she would be telling me without any hesitation, but I won't be asking her again. I had loved her from heart and don't wanna lose her at any cost, I regret for being expressive and not giving much time before I proposed. don't know what shall I do next,How do I react to her, shall I meet her the same way, but in any cost I will be having the expectation, and I have a big hope to have her, and share my rest of the life with her, I'm getting mad into it, don't know how to win her heart, and get the feelings for me in really getting mad at it...please please advice, guys and gals,to lead me in the right direction..!


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  • Sometimes doing what you're doing now it the only thing you can do. One day she may come to love you, be there ready to accept it.

    • yep , I hope so as well, :((

    • yeah its good that you are from a guy's side. age won't matter. :) you can always wait for her. but don't forget, give yourself also a time limit to wait for her. till how long. the answer only you who can answer since you re the one who knows her, and ask the help from someone who know you and the other person.

  • i know it isn't easy once you got the feeling. good that you have communicated and dealt with her. just react and pretend nothing has happened m just be nice to her. itsnt about your feeling but its of her being hurt. if you re emotionally wounded or unstable, you better dealt with the emotion first, then back to her again. else, the other person won't be able to handle it.

    • yep that's exactly what I'm doing these days, trying emotionally more strong ,didnt call her for 2 days,then today she called 2know how am i,i dealt with her just as everything is normal,and didn't expressed a single word,but from heart even I don't know how much I missed her,every single moment in 48 hrs,i was thinking of her,hope I cud be her good friend again first,n let her feel the feelings from her end as well,n wish someday she would say yes to, desperately waiting for the moment,

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