Is marriage even religious?

Hello. I hope this doesn't get controversial. I am not very religious. I was born "catholic", so sorry for bias. But, I've been wondering.

Is an atheist, agnostic, or that sort of thing, getting married at a church or holy place hypocritical?

Is marriage traditional more than religious now?

Doesn't the church or other holy place "accept everyone", so nonreligious people can just get married and it's okay?

What about homosexual marriage, is that permitted with any religion?

And if the bonds of marriage are so sacred, why is divorce so common?

Oh right, people can be forgiven for their sins, so they can cancel and remarry?

Do you even think the bonds of marriage are even sacred any more, or important/meaningful?

What does being religious mean?

Like can't you think that this bonding between two people should be "everlasting", good, and meaningful and have it not be a religious thing?

What is religious about marriage?


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  • Marriage is a Pagan concept. No it isn't 'hypocritical'. It is very much apart of the commercialism in America. Things were simple from holding hands and officially being known as "together", to having to buy 10k ring , have a huge everything, and all other kinds of bs. Its lost its meaning like any other festival. Marriage is a concept of a man and a woman. Stating "homosexual marriage" is like saying a pregnant virgin. Not possible realistically. All bonds are sacred and important, but people aren't making it so. This society is increasingly materialistic, and lacks the ability to wait for something meaningful. We live in a hedonist society. Being "religious" means you follow a set of cultural principles with the said deities or deity. In buddhism marriage isn't a bond that can be severed, as it requires people to be responsible for everything they said and done. People in the primary faiths like islam,judaism,and Christianity tend to pick and choose what they believe.

    Marriage is a cultural concept passed down from many different cultures, but with different ideas of how to deal with it. Religion is culture. We derive "right and wrong" from culture, which is a set of principles. Marriage is traditional through cultural religion(s).

    • I agree with it losing its meaning and the commercialism side. I disagree on homosexual marriage. :O If homosexual marriage is unrealistic, then why are homosexual couples realistic? Two people being together. I think that's briefly what marriage is. Ouu I really like what you said about the cultural aspect of it. Could you clarify on the meaning of marriage in buddhism? I like your tattoos, btw.

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    • Sure, I hope I helped answer your question or gave you a new perspective that was helpful.

    • You have. :)

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  • Divorce is common because people don't know what they are doing when they get married. Because divorce is so common and there is so much emphasis on sex, I think marriage is becoming less of an option for some people and is not as sacred as it once was. That and divorce is more accessible than it was when our parents and grandparents were growing up.

    The religious aspect of marriage is that husband and wife glorify God in their marriage and in their lives with their children. Sex, being the height of intimate love between husband and wife, is the way by which children are brought into the world.

    • Divorce thing makes sense. It's a pity though.

      What does glorifying God mean?

      That because they believe, they'll be blessed? Have good things going for them?

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    • I don't see how that's how He intended, but how you want to live, for you have control of it. :O But, that's where our opinions might differ.

    • Nothin' wrong with the sex concept, in order for a healthy relationship to prosper they need it,and to care. However the churches don't promote premarital sex. So people make hasty decisions, then realize how people change after they get their desires. Ever seen the difference between a sexually frustrated person and someone who isn't? Plus we have an immature (irresponsible rather) society.

  • in America it often times isn't is like Christmas all the religious stuff like a church or priest is just a formality unless you are religious and there is no reason you can't have faith without religion so your antheist thing isn't relevant if its a holy place unless it adheres to a religion (like a church)

  • Well people had marriage ceremonies before Christianity and other major religions of today hijacked it. The binding of two people and the ceremony celebrating it wasn't always a religious event, spiritual maybe, but not religious.

    • I've never understood that either how atheists can get married in a church as long as it's male/female but homosexuals who believe in their God can't. It's like.. both are going to Hell according to your scriptures haha.

    • Well why don't people get divorced in a church? Ah wait , no its big brother. Sorry I forgot, its just a facade.

    • Marriage has become more so a legal contract between you,your lover, and the government. Another parasitic way to f*** someone over. Doubt it has anything to do with religion. Outside the concept itself, which it's roots are forgotten for the most part anyways.

  • Marriage has been around a lot longer than religion, the religious just monopolized it.


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  • It depends. If you want the ceremony to be a religious one, then it is. If you're not religious, then your wedding doesn't have to be either. Marriages weren't originally religious to begin with, they're strictly legal unless you also decide to involve the church. Usually if your ceremony isn't a religious one you wouldn't have the wedding in a church, you would do it outdoors or at some other non-religious venue.