I'm worried that I'm not ready to get married.... Thinking about other guys! Help me?

I'm worried I'm not ready for marriage. I am completely in love with my fiance, and I'm sure I want to spend the rest of my life with him, or I'm pretty sure. I'm 19 and he is 27. Maybe it's cold feet or something... Here's the thing, I went to the hair salon a few weeks ago, and my hairdresser, he's a guy and super hot. anyway, he was my hairdresser before I met my fiance and we were always quite flirty with each other. this time I had a different guy cut it, but I left my phone in my purse while I got my hair cut, and the next day I was looking randomly in my notes on my iphone, and I saw his name, written last night, the time I was at the hairdresser. the only explanation is that it was him. I always thought he liked me, I know I certainly didn't write it, and who else would? it's a risky thing to go into someone's purse and write a name on their phone anyway. it's so weird. and I think about it still. and I get kind of excited like happy almost, like does he like me? does he not? who wrote it? I could never cheat on my fiance- NEVER. I love him and I could never hurt him. but I just worry that, this is it. for the rest of my life and I'm still young. no more rush when I first meet someone who I sort of like, no more excitement when you first start dating... my fiance is perfect for me and I don't wanna lose him. this sounds awful but in a way I sort of wish I could just have a few more rushes and then come back to him. in some ways I feel like I'm missing out on "exploring" I guess. Please don't take it like I mean I want to sleep around, I'm not like that, and I really don't ever wanna cheat. do you think it's normal to feel like this before getting married? or is there something wrong with me?


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  • You are pretty young to get married and I am around your age, ha ha I turned 20 on NYE 2011. You have most of your 20s ahead of you and marriage can make you miss out a lot. There is more to do in todays society. I know you love your fiance but think about your situation, are you ready for a marriage or do you want to hold off for a few years and explore the world a bit finding out who you are?


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  • "I'm 19 and he is 27."

    Is one of the guys you're thinking about, Johnny Depp?

    If so, then yeah. You're not ready for marriage.

    • hahaha crap I knew that was gonna happen- and hey shut up.

    • and btw- you have too much time.

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  • What I think your problem is-you're too young. You need to experience more-as you said. You're young and have your whole life ahead of you.

    19, in my opinion,is too young an age to get married. I got married at 22 and totally regret it.

    You need to get out there and experience it all. Other relationships,figure out who YOU are and what you want out of life.

    Best of luck to you..