Marriage Proposal Gone Wrong?

OK so I was reading today about marriage proposals going in the opposite direction then obviously intended.

Stories of these guys doing this in front of big crowd (hockey games, basketball games, etc).

Obviously every story I read I had already know the outcome, given the title of the article.

Here is my question...Women, why not accept to save him the embarrassment in front of all those people and then after the game or whatever pull him aside and explain your feelings/thoughts?

I mean, it takes A LOT for a guy to do that, let alone in front of thousands of people at the game AND watching on television.

Don't you think you could at least spare him the embarrassment in front of everyone and just do it "off-screen".

I personally would at least have thanked your for sparing me the embarrassed feeling in front of all those people.

What are your thoughts.

This question is directed towards the women, most of whom are the ones being asked, but I'd love to hear from guys as well if they feel like sharing...

  • I'd "accept" only to let them know out of the spotlight how I really felt
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  • No way, Deny it, you have to be honest whether it be in front of everyone or not
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  • I'm not sure what I'd do
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think I have seen the YouTube videos. And yes, I have asked myself the same thing. It would be far more human to accept publicly and then let him down gently in private. I wish it is what I would do.

    I do think that Ana-n-omous is right though. And that some girls just collapse under the public pressure and their first thought just literally comes out without them thinking their answer through. Kind of a reaction of shock.

    Others I guess, believe in being truthful and not leading the guy on, when they just don't feel the same way.

    However to any guys out there. Proposing in front of a huge crowd sounds extremely romantic. But for some girls it can be really embarrassing. When you propose to her, think of her. What would she find romantic, how would she like to be proposed to. Don't do it for the cool factor. If she craves attention, loves being the center of it and she has hinted to you she wants to get engaged or your absolutely convinced she feels the same way, then go for it. Do something crazy. But most girls prefer a private proposal or a proposal at a restaurant.

    My boyfriend's friend proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas. He lit thousands of candles in the living room. Made her breakfast in bed and then proposed to her. He had written a whole speech, on why he loved her and wanted her to be with him for the rest of his life. I personally think it was an extremely romantic gesture. Another one of his friends, took his girlfriend to France on a trip. He had planned the whole proposal. But in the end out of nerves, he kept putting it off and then the last night in France, he just burst out with it. I a different way this was extremely romantic too. You don't necessarily have to go big.

    And I think as a girl you really need to realize how much effort, worry, sweat and courage goes into a proposal.

    • didnt even realize I hadn't chose a BA for this question...good thing I didn't yet, because you nailed it...

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What Girls Said 3

  • I understand that it takes a LOT of guts for a guy to even propose under normal circumstances, but even MORE to propose in front of a huge crowd in a stadium/on tv/etc. However you have to realize some women aren't good when it comes to pressure; just like men. It's entirely possible that the women in those articles got cold feet the second they were asked in front of so many people. The pressure to say 'yes' in that situation is probably mortifying.

    It's always best to discuss each others' feelings of getting married before you ever buy a ring and plan it out. Because who knows; you may be really happy just dating and your significant other just isn't the marrying type; or wants to wait longer.

  • I honestly though the same when I saw that video. I def would have said yes and told him truth when we got home, along with telling why I don't to marry him. I'm not sure we're referring to the same thing, but in the video she just walked away. That was mean. I'm not sure if all guys think that's the better way though

    That being said, I wouldn't appriciate it, if he proposed during hockey/basketball/baseball game either.

  • I would explain my feeling for him after and denied the proposal in privacy, But some girls are just too selfish to do that.


What Guys Said 2

  • It's easy. Just don't propose on events like that.

    • lol that's easy enough to say...but I mean some guys want to share/show their love...if he has the balls to do it, why not spare his embarassement, wouldn't you agree?

    • I agree there. But if you want do it a bit more publicly you could do it at a restaurant.

    • true...thanks man!

  • If the guy was dumb enough to try and almost guilt her into saying yes by proposing in front of an audience, he should damn well take his rejection like a man.

    • what are you talking about...who says that he was trying to guilt her into saying propose when you feel that both people are ready, she obviously wasn't...but that doesn't mean embarass the guy completely...

    • What other possible reason is there to do it in front of a large crowd?

    • to proove that they want to show their love/share their love?

      i guess you have a point...but if I were to do that it wouldn't be my intensions

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