Does he really want to get married eventually or is it just an excuse?

So me and my guy have been in a relationship for little over 2 yrs. We have plans about getting married and all but he doesn't want to for little while longer, all of our friends that have been dating not quite as long as we have are all getting married, is it just an excuse? He wants to save money..he has a truck payment that's almost 700$ a month and things like that so I understand but still...It has me feeling down!


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  • Greg Behrendt, the writer of "He's Just Not that Into You." would say that it's important to know the difference between a guy who doesn't want to get married right now and a guy who doesn't want to marry you. A guy who doesn't want to get married right now will make sure that you know how important you are in his life. Talk with your guy and touch base to see where he actually is. The last thing in the world you want to do is keep waiting around for him to marry you if he's not ever going to. You deserve more than that.

  • Ask him what his financial plan is, how is he saving for the wedding/future? How will he know when he has enough $ to get married?

    Do you know what his finances are like? Do you know his debts? You should! You don't want to marry them, trust me. Ask these questions & set a time frame with him. You don't have to wait for him. It's your life too.

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