10 years 2 kids still no wedding bells

okay so its quite simple, when I met why man he said he wants to get married one day! he wants to get married when he is sure it will last because he is only going to get married once as he does not believe in divorce. okay so that's early days of us meeting !

so fast forwad lmost 10 years later a 4 year old and a 8 month old (planned) again said we would get married one day but he still won't commit with getting married he has commited with the kids yes but not the other.

what bugs me about this is the facts of what he said when we first met, now days he gives every excuse under the sun as to when when we will but hasn't done anything to make it happen and yes I've asked last tme he just laughed

we have had out ups and downs over the past 10 years some pretty dark months and some pretty great years but I can't help feeling something isn't right if he won't marry me..

so what does this mean on guys behalf? its really starting to get on my nerves

no crap responses of just be happy blah blah its bugging me and I am interested to know what type of man does this and why?


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  • Are you mad that he hadn't proposed? If that's the case then why don't you do it?

    • ive said 100 times lets get married he laughs and says no

    • Oh how did I miss that, sorry. Well he is probably insecure about the finality of marriage. This doesn't mean he doesn't love you though.

What Girls Said 1

  • I'm sorry that you are being hurt by this so much. It seems that you are in love with a marriage phobe. He is committed to you & to his children, but he just doesn't believe in marriage for some reason. I am afraid if you push it & back him into a corner, he will walk. Because if he hasn't decided to marry you by now, I truly doubt that he will ever do it. He's comfortable with things like they are. It isn't that he doesn't love you, you know that he does. He probably believes that if you 2 get married, things will go bad & he doesn't want that.

    All you can do is tell him that you love him, you are deeply committed to him & your children. That you would love to be his wife. If he can't do it, you just need him to tell you that so you can understand his feelings about marriage better. Just do not try to convince him or change his mind. That will only make him angry. Remember, you have been in a committed, loving, family relationship for 10 years, it will be ok.

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