Is talking to someone that is engaged bad?

Me and my boyfriend broke up 8 months ago (we broke up because he was still in love with his ex girlfriend). We recently began our friendship and I still love him but friendship is much more to me. He also recently just got engaged. Is it wrong that I have decided to keep a friendship with him knowing we had a past and that he is engaged. He the type that does what he wants and doesn't care what people think. He currently has a girlfriend (his ex girlfriend before me... she cheated on him and then we went out and then he went back to her when I realized he had feelings for her) but the girl he is engaged to he doesn't love her and is only marrying her because his parents want him too. He says he doesn't love his girlfriend and just with her for the hell of it. But keeping a friendship with him morally wrong. I don't think I am doing anything wrong but still want to know from the views of other.


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  • Whoa, this is waaayyy too much drama. Why would you even want to put yourself in this situation? He's in love with his ex but engaged to another and you're still in love with him. I think this guy needs to get his shit together and that would be best done without an ex (you) that's still in love with him around.

    Obviously he cares about what people think. He's marrying a girl because his parents want him to, isn't he? He's not the doesn't care guy that you think he is.

    As well, you may be ok with being friends with him, but I would have to think that his fiance isn't.


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  • Hes got a girlfriend but is engaged?

    He is with a girl he doesn't even like?

    Personally I wouldn't want to hang around or befriend someone like that. However your just a friend you talk might meet up nothing more then its fine, for this simple relationship won't be brought into the other ties he has with the other two girls. Nevertheless if you feel that hanging around with him is morally wrong I would just be blunt with him see how he takes it, and as a friend he will understand your opinion... and from there depending on his reply you will feel better. Because you've got out your system what's botheringyou and if he hears it from someone maybe he'll wake up and realise what he is doing