I don't think my fiancee knows how big of a commit she is in, what should I do?

So over the past year that my fiancee has been together I have always been the one to give. The one to sacrifice. So today my Dad asked me to move back to my hometown and complete my degree online. Which I was down for because I have been thinking about doing that anyway. Only thing is I tried to get my fiancee to move into a place of our own about a month ago. She wouldn't do it. I live with her at her parents place. She knows I'm not happy here but refuses to move, and she about lost it on me when I told her I was going to move out and she can stay here.

So today I bring up us moving to my parents place for a little then getting our own place in my hometown. Her first reaction was "then you would never see me" Which means her first thought wasn't "where would I work" like mine would be if the roles were reversed. So then she kept asking questions, trying to shut the idea down like "Where would I work" I gave her a answer, Actually two. Then after I kept answering her doubts, she started crying saying that she was thinking about how much she would miss her family. I left it alone after that,

It just seems like I always have to give. She didn't even give it a thought. I have lived here with her and her parents for almost a year now.


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  • What's up with the dudes of this new generation? When did you guys start acting like battered women?

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