Employer-Employee relationship v. Marriage

If you've ever had a job, then you know practically all there is to know about the employer-employee relationship.

If you're not happy, you can leave at any time. The problem is, you'll be without a job. If your employer is unhappy with you, he or she can fire you at any time. The problem is, he or she will not have you as an employee. This voluntary continuing relationship creates an interesting dynamic. The employer would be worse off firing good and productive employees. The employee would be worse off leaving the company of an employer he or she is happy with. Therefore, it is in the best interest of both parties to maintain the relationship as long as both are benefiting. However, as soon as one is not benefiting, the breakdown of that relationship is likely to occur. This motivates both parties to keep the other party happy and satisfied. The employer has incentive to keep the employee sufficiently compensated and respected, and the employee has incentive to keep the employer sufficiently profitable.

Imagine if you were instead MARRIED to your employer. If you felt disrespected or underpaid, you couldn't just leave! You would have to hire a lawyer just to begin the process of leaving. You may even owe the employer money depending on the projects you have started on and need additional support until they are completed, and based on how comfortable you have accustomed your employer to be with the quality of work you provided.

The flip side would be, it wouldn't be that easy for the employer to fire you! Imagine showing up to work every day with the added security of knowing that no matter how lazy, unproductive, and careless you are, you will still have a job tomorrow. In fact, it will take months, if not years to fire you - as well as legal expenses. Therefore, the "threat" of being fired packs a substantially weaker punch. Would you care to show up to work on time? Would you care to get your work done on time? Correctly? At all? How much work would you do? Why?

All these questions raise an interesting environment that opens up a curious debate: is the employer-employee relationship or marriage better at creating the proper incentives to keep two parties motivated to keep each other satisfied in the long-run?

There is no right or wrong answer, only well or poorly reasoned opinions.

Let the debate begin!

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  • I would lose my moral, become disgruntled and start slacking off. I'd probably be counterproductive so they would want to fire me quicker. or they could choose to not officially fire me, but just not put me on the schedule anymore (kind of like a long term separation where both parties are still married but don't live and act as a married couple)

    To answer your question employer-employee relationship is best in the short terms so you can evaluate how that person is and if they're really compatible..then after u've been together for some years then a marriage for stability. when I start a family I don't want it to be with someone who can just leave at any time know what I mean?

    • But, as soon as you change the nature of those incentives to keep the other happy, won't the same problems arise?

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  • I don't get the poll vs the question lol. Mostly cause there are multiple. But I think marriage probably works best. It's the same as working at a job vs working in an art/field you love. Basically, you choose the marriage and love it (ideally, good ones at least, most rush into it stupidly though) where as an Employer-Employee is necessity which is going to cause some conflict and ill feelings since they won't ALWAYS want to go to work and feel forced to go where as the person in a real marriage done right will actually want to be there.

  • You could always go above your employer to their employer. If it's not a good ol boy club there's some hope for an insurrection if you are better than them. That might be an alternative.

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