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Okay so I was hanging out in the school library one day and a friend of mine just out of the blue tells me that I'm going to marry a friend of hers. I know, this sounds like she's just goofing off. (Coincidentally, I have a crush on her friend). But I never told her or anyone about my feelings so I'm a bit curious. Does it sound like she just blurted it out randomly or is it possible that maybe they're talking about me behind my back about feelings toward me?


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  • Her friend probably likes you and this is their weird way of "flirting" or something. I can see you're in high school, and the flirting tends to be awkward and weird then lol. But yeah... her friend probably wasn't happy with her friend telling you that...and when some girls talk about boys they like, they say "ima marry that boy". They don't mean it..they just really like you and are possibly..slightly obsessed lol.


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