Why do bisexuals males get married to straight women?

whats that all about? for all I know they shoulnt get married Because they like both genders. how do they even decide? and why do straight women go for bisexuals? is it a good type of marriage knowing that your husband checks out chicks AND dudes?


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  • I see what you mean. They might desire the the gender they aren't with. It all sounds very suspicious to me too.

    • well I'd like to know what I said that was wrong if you are gonna down vote me.

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    • I know but I think it would be harder to resist if the attraction goes towards a whole new gender. People like new things which is why they cheat, to change things up...it could definitely increase the chance of that happening

    • I understand where your coming from tbh...

      But I think if someone was going to cheat they will do it no matter what and with whatever gender tickles their fancy?

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  • Because they are BI-SEXUAL!

    They are attracted to both sexes and they clearly love the woman that they are with, if they didn't they wouldn't have married her in the first place.

    Just because someone is attracted to both sexes does not in anyway mean they do not have the right to marry a female. Or a Bi-sexual female to marry a male.

    And as for the last part of your question, no one will know if its a good kind of marriage unless they are in one, and nine times out of ten a bi-sexual persons parter is 100% fine with the fact they are into both sexes otherwise why on earth would they have married them in the first place.

  • Heyyy I could check out the guys with him, and I can certainly appreciate a beautiful woman in all of her splendor. So we can both check out both guys and girls together. =D

    • Besides, just because they're into guys and girls doesn't mean they don't love the person they're with. That's like saying a straight man can't marry a straight woman because he's into women and he might want another person because she was a woman and he's into women. Bisexual people are into women as well, and are happy to be with the ONE person, not testing out a bunch of people. Choosing between genders is the same as choosing between people in general. Sheesh.

  • Because they love the person they married,justbbecausentheir bisexual doesn't mean anything. I'm bisexual and happily married

    • Well said!

      Someone's sexuality should not make a difference when it comes to marriage.

      Marriage is about love, NOT sexuality.

    • Exactly if I love him it shouldn't matter I'm attracted to girls too

    • No it shouldn't matter at all.

      Sounds to me like the person asking this question is very small minded about sexuality.

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  • You're not serious about this question, are you?

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