Opinions on this odd marriage?

This pair is odd

Early last year he was seen standing continuously standing behind the another blond girl's seat,kissing her head,wrapping his arms around her chest,neck and is laughing and joking like crazy,whom he took out for dinner.

This girl was also smaller than him in frame and younger.he was 30 then

Then when he was 27 he met this black haired girl who was half his height and must have been around 20 at his work tour and became really platonic with her,like kissing her cheeks,head repeatedly,having lunch with her,talking to her

Before that he was seen with skimpy dressed girls,two looked quite young,one looked older,all of them average height.later on one was kissing his cheeks and one was sitting on his lap while he showed his wedding ring to the camera!

Last summer(June 11)he thrashed his close female friend/colleague(with whom he was friends since 2006-dated her but broke up,yet remained close) for her intimate life on radio,how many men he knows she slept with,who she is in bed with while he's talking,trying to say that she's a that she's a **** indirectly,whom he was so close that he was caught on camera in the dark parking lot of his workplace,posing very intimately.hand on waist,head touching her head.

They acted in a documentary but the real life scenes were said to be boring,contrived and fake.they didn't talk at all except sat and stared at their daughter,kissing oddly,sometimes holding hands,sometimes just standing.he did drugs but she didn't stop

,when he overdosed on drugs and stopped breathing she called the ambulance.as she explained she wasn't even crying,no tears anything,just pretending it by pursuing her lips and stretching her lips.if she had such a significant impact on his life why is this relationship so cold?

He is very rich,and very famous and good looking.

the wife is always happy.Shes always with her gfs going to parties,i mean with makeup plastered on her face,making odd and strange faces with some of drunken kind friends who look and are dressed like sluts.

she posts pictures making strange faces,sitting on the bed and making strange faces with her friends,then wearing sunglasses,sitting in the stadium,taking her own pictures

putting the pix on social networking sites,tweeting happily,going on luxury holidays with him)

does she feel that her husband is such a difficult person to be with that no woman can put up with him(which has really happened) so he won't leave her and he doesn't leave her because he stays on road most of the time so he can't handle his beloved daughter alone?

so if she had an impact on his life,if she did so much why does the guy cheat and why doesn't she care?!

why does the guy need to prove that he's a family man on twitter?why is he so concerned with his female friend's intimacy antics?why does he have to write happy birthday to her on twitter when he was with her at home?

why did she shifted away at his sight?when she saw him approaching where she was standing?


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  • Why do you care so much that I have to see this question this often? GET OVER IT, PLEASE!