Advice on husband and my marriage?

You meet some man/woman at some random ask them for their phone number and they say that if you can memorize then call the next day and start dating

But in the meantime you are pretty much infatuated with many males/females you come across and who rejects you,you physically harass them,those who are willing,you get into a relationship with.this continues and your boyfriend/girlfriend remains unruffled.

You get engaged to the boyfriend/girlfriend and then do drugs.they don't help you to get over the habit and when you stop breathing due to overdose,they call the ambulance.

You still cheat,posing with semi nude men/women,make them sit on your laps while partially unclothed and flash your wedding ring to the camera

You think of baby names before hand,picked one which you liked(no baby,not married),and want a baby immediately after marriage.

You get platonic with some random guy/girl you meet at your work tour.

You kiss,cuddle,hold a guy/girl by the chest at some restaurant in the absence of your spouse who still remains unruffled.

You are best friends with a guy/girl at your work place from 5 years,you go with them to places,take intimate pictures with them but suddenly you publicly thrash them for how many men/women you know they slept with,whom he/she is sleeping with while you are talking and they are a man/woman **** indirectly and during that you mention your spouse,what you put them through during the overdose incident,.your in laws crying when they hear that

Your spouse remains unruffled.And has dozen friends with whom they take strange photos happily in cars,bedrooms,staircases,stadiums,bla bla.

You pretend to be a family person on social networking sites and in public.

You do a documentary but your real life family scenes are termed boring and contrived.

You don't talk at all except sit and stared at your daughter,kiss oddly,sometimes holding hands,sometimes just standing

However you are a good and caring parent.

You write happy birthday to your spouse on twitter when you were together in the airplane and switching between airports together.

But just the day before your spouse's birthday while you were talking on twitter,you don't mention that its their birthday tomorrow..

When your spouse came to watch you,he/she moved away at your sight,the moment they saw you coming near them.

so would you call this love?from both of the partners?

You are very wealthy,good looking and famous.And your job requires you to stay on road more than at home.

It's NOT to get a reaction from spouse because they have not been looking for reactions for the last 8 years

honest answers.


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  • I don't know.

    Thing is that one can love with all heart and be absolutely unable to show it.

    Someone else can be perfectly great in faking just about any thing that can mean love and do it because he is supposed to and do not feel a thing!

    I can tell you that there are many broken things in this relationship. Broken trust, avoiding, no communication, inability to express feelings, breaking intimacy outside of home (doing things that should be intimate with others) probably breaking intimacy or absence of intimacy at home.

    And that spouse he/she should care! Probably one of two things is happening. He/she does not care at all and he/she is with their spouse for some other purpose than love. Or they care and are hurt little inside every time something bad happens. They just push it down so it does not hurt on outside. Both things are wrong on entirely different levels.

    You just asked if it is wrong. Like you are that spouse. You didn't ask for any help or advice.

    I feel like you are hurt. Do you need any help? I probably cannot give it, but I am sure I can suggest something.

    • i just want to know whether there's love or not.because someone who loves will feel hurt,not take photos with her girlfriends in various strange postures and still come to watch him even after her hubby publicly talked about another girl's sex life!,

      since the guy has a star status,is wealthy enough

    • So you want my best guess? Yes, there is a little love.

      But never judge feelings by one or two or three things person does or does not. Never works.

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  • There's...some degree of love...but not a very strong vibe of commitment...

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