Is it normal to feel that my husband is not the one for me?

Married people : have you ever felt that you made the wrong choice ?

I love my husband and all, but sometimes I feel that he is not up to my expectations..I know we are all imperfect, but should I leave him and look for someone who is even higher than my expectations ? He says I am a lot better than he wanted from a girl..however, the guy in my mind is him, but with some additional stuff ..

I know this is lame but for example I get turned off really fast if his hair doesn't smell clean.. or his fingers look untidy, or I get the vibe that he doesn't shower several times a day .. I am a clean freak I know .. but I don't know .. should I be concerned about these stuff ?


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  • Have you thought about talking to a shrink about your cleanliness issues? Does your husband stink? Does he have bad hygiene? Happily married people (I speak from experience -- my own) like each other and don't let minor annoyances bug them. You CAN'T let minor annoyances bug you -- "Until Death you do part" could be a LOOOOOOOOONG time!

    • No he never stinks, he is always clean down there..He never even farts or burps, nothing like that! .. It's just that I get annoyed when his hair doesn't smell like soap ..

    • I don't mean to be unkind, but its not normal to be that hung up on his cleanliness if he's clean. To be fair to him and yourself, I really think you need a shrink. If you're OCD or something, there's medication. Sounds like you should be happy but you're sabotaging yourself. If you were my friend I would tell you to talk to a shrink.

    • Hmm yea I know .. I am going to work on it , seems like I am the problem .. Anyway thank you , I will indeed work on myself :)

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  • Yeah it is normal for you to feel that your husband is not the one for you but how did you two get together in the first place if their was something special that brought you two together think about it and ask yourself "Even if he doesn't meet my expectations does he make me happy?" and you will know as for the showering Men tend to get a little savage when their is no order in their life so maybe you can help him with that... Hope it helps Good Luck!

  • I don't know any guy that showers several times a day...

  • Yeah your definitely a neat freak, if you don't think he's the one then why did you settle for him in the 1st place? Second, if you do leave, what is there that you can bring to the table for the next person so to speak?

    • I settled with him because he is a very nice , decent guy.. I mean I do love him to death .. but it's just that sometimes I can't go over my weird fantasies about showers and tidiness :S

    • LMFAO how do you have sex tell me that?

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