Isn't this strange about this wife/lady?

Is it possible for a woman to be so hurt by other people's comments on face book and stay married to a man who is known to be verbally abusive to women?

I have a friend aged 30 who is married to this man who is quite wealthy and famous.

But the guy has a history of being abusive to women,physically and verbally ever since he was in his twenties.

He would abuse them if women rejected him or cheated on him in relationships.

On my friend also he had been cheating from day one,before marriage as well as after marriage.

He has been cheating still and even his public declaration of interest in other woman's intimate life doesn't stir up any reactions.

I went with her once to see her hubby at work and we were standing in the front row.

her hubby had to come down near us and pick up some tools,as he was approaching near us she quickly moved away while I stood near him so did other people,no one moved away!

I always see her with her friends at parties,at photo sessions and making weird faces.

A wife moving away from her own hubby?

My point is that she joined face book where people wrote really mean and nasty comments to her and she quickly left the site and stays married to a man who cheats and pretends to be a family man in public!?

or is it something else which has her there?


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  • Her participation on Facebook is likely incidental and has nothing to do with her marriage.

    Most people tolerate abuse because they were raised in an environment that facilitates that particular flawed relationship's dynamic.

  • wow that is horrible, hmm she could stay out of fear, or he could be paying for something or someone she cares about and sacrifices he safety and freedom to do so, or she could just be one of those appeasing types of people that compromises to a fault and lets other treat her this way. It's really tough to say, maybe some psychology articles or professionals will have a better answer, I am very very sorry, prays to her and her well being

    • hey there's nothing wrong with her okay.the fact that she doesn't care about her husband cheating speaks volumes about her behavior.

      i mean come on,a woman who wears flashy clothes,has her face plastered with makeup,and hangs out at the beach,cars homes,stadiums with her dozen girlfriends and takes pictures happily without a hint of unhappiness on her face just proves what she is.

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    • I suppose I completely misunderstood the text, sorry about that

    • oh no its okay! ;)