Why do you think this married man asked me this question? Just curious.

There's this older married man from work who's shown interest in me. I'm also married and I've made it clear to him I'm not interested. One time, he asked me "do you love your husband? as a woman, as a wife, as a friend?". I answered "yes, I do!" and left.

I asked the same question on Y! Answer and most on the commentors lashed at me, accusing me of considering having an affair with him. Can you believe that? I'm happily married to a great man, and this married man from work is not someone I would consider, even in a million year, going out with if we weren't married to other people...he's old and eww! I simply found it curious the way he phrased his question "as a wife, a woman, and a friend"...


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  • He's looking for someone attractive like you with the right answers that match his own. He's looking to fill somethings missing from his marriage/life/etc.

  • It's pretty obvious that he finds you attractive and that he's fishing for some action on the side.

    • he knew I wasn't interested, yet he later still asked the question...

    • Re: update: IMO, that's completely uncalled for. You said nothing to indicate that you were persuing anything with this guy. Clearly it's the other way around.

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