What's the deal with marriage?

what do you think is the point and is it necessary? why did/ would you get married? how did you know you wanted to? is there any reason to spend all that money? is it more then just a piece of paper?


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  • Well we wanted to get married...I guess we both believe in commitment and monogamous relationships. The time was right for me and she wanted to get married. We did not spend money..she had been married once before and her groom had fainted twice during the ceremony plus she did not want to waste the money...so we got married by the JP at 8AM on a Friday morning after she came off the graveyard...the paper is merely a symbol of your commitment...(:


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  • Marriage doesn't cost that much, but weddings do. You can get married in the courthouse for pretty cheap.


    1. Social Norm

    2. Legal Benefits

    3. Vow of Commitment to One Partner

    4. (Church Wedding) Sacrament to Your Religion (or equivalent language for whatever your faith is).