Marriage Wild Card?

This is a very valid question and would like the point of view of both sexes.

I have noticed a trend in guys (even ages ranging 20 to 30, not just "crusty old men") to find love "abroad", some found love through referrals from family members or friends who live other countries and have even found love from "bridge/marriage" sites. Which to my surprise some are quite legitimate (versus big time scams.)

Some of these guys seem to have it all. Educated, Good character, Well driven, Good values and a direction in life.

Which leads to the natural question "Why"

This was part of a study I did in university on 300 men from the US (some even from Canada.) who decided to "find love elsewhere." The average salary of these men was approximately 65,980/Year and the median age was 26.7 and all of them were university graduates of any discipline.

The majority of the responses was that they could not find a compatible partner locally. Some even specified "unrealistic expectations and lack of regard to men and their needs" of North American women…

Does anyone have any opinion on why this is ? And if this is so, this puts women in a very bad position because I don’t see women being able to find love abroad just as men do which might lead to a bunch of single North American women...


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  • I think you should do a study on the women and see what you come up with. That would be interesting.

    • Not sure if you are sarcastic or not. Though just FYI its in process and this is a small part of the study :)

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  • No, it is indeed very hard for a broad to love abroad. At last that's what's going around. Seriously, I had no idea that so many men were going abroad for wives. I'm at a loss, but I'll keep tabs on the answers you get. Interesting.